Our Story

Hey! I’m ange…

first and foremost.. I am a mother, a lover and a creator of my own destiny.   I believe that life is yours to direct, lead and enjoy.

 FREEDOM  is yours for the taking.

I love challenges and adventures. I never take the easy route.. I take the RIGHT route.

Life is a one time deal. I enjoy the little moments. The giggles, belly laughs and doughnuts of life.

My family & I are on a journey.  An adventure. Life is our playground.  Damo is my best friend, my conscience, my husband and the most wonderful father to our girls.

We believe in beach days, sunshine and painting rainbows.  We travel on a whim and spend days looking at rock pools. Coffee can be a life changing experience.  Breakfast is the best meal of the day. Bacon is a form of happiness.

We don’t set alarms.  We don’t do traffic.  We don’t do suits and heels.

We share positivity, health and well-being. We encourage and inspire  people to achieve their goals.  Explore health & wellness. Find their inner fire and change their lives.


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