Stop Dreaming. Start Doing.

I have done something I never imagined I would do.

I make a habit of stepping out of my comfort zone – it is something I do quite often. But this… this is a BIG STEP.

I am learning to let go..

I am loosening up my control on my business – I have employed a Personal Assistant. I have decided that outsourcing some of the admin of my day to day – is going to free up my time. I can start moving forward again at a pace I am happy with.

I discovered that my desire to keep everything to myself, my need for control – was holding my business back. It did take me about a year to come to this conclusion. Letting my PA into my business is my way of letting go – I am letting some control go – I am letting myself take time – I am letting my business grow. That’s a whole lot of letting.

What is something that you need to let go? Are you waiting to start your own Scentsy Business? What is holding you back? Fear of Failure? Lack of Support?

Is it time for you to let go?

Give yourself permission to succeed and do something for you?


Would you like more information on what I do? Would you like to know how to be part of a social, fun team working environment?

Would you like me to send you an Information Pack and Samples?

Shoot me an email:

Have an awesome day,



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