Watch me talk to a stranger (Part 1)



I am always telling my team to ‘Get outside your comfort zone’. That is where the magic happens! It is best, to lead by example.

If you want to make new contacts – you CAN make new contacts and it can be as simple as talking about something a person is holding, wearing, looking at – or their children. I call it finding your ‘hook’.

In this Busy 5 video I approach a stranger in a play ground. Thankfully she is lovely and willing to learn about my business, and be recorded! What a legend!

As a result – I now have – 1. A new friend 2. A new customer. 3. A new business relationship.

All from asking someone if they like Mango.


Sugar Addiction… is it real?

I am sure at some point I was in denial about my sugar addiction. That denial has been gone for a long time.

I have fully embraced my addiction for most of my adult life.

I have always a little squishy around the edges – never stick thin – but not overweight. How is that for a description? I foolishly though that just because ‘I looked okay’ – that I was okay. I am still not sure how un-okay my insides might be, but I am aware of the damage that is occurring in there.

Damo has for many many many years been trying to get me to cut down on my sugar consumption. I mean really – if it is sweet – or sour – I want it in my belly. Now. And lots and lots and lots of it.

Earlier this year I had a new friend basically drag me along to the Bendigo Cinema in Victoria – to see a movie. Not just a movie – ‘That Sugar Film’. I was reluctant, apprehensive and stubborn. I sat in a cinema surrounded by water toting, apple eating people enjoying my mega huge extra sugar Coca Cola and munching on my over-sized Popcorn. I want you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed every second of my yummyness.


There is ALWAYS a but. I watched Damon Gameau eat his way through the ‘healthy’ food in I would see ‘dieters’ eat. I don’t do diets. Ever. Never have and never will. I am not in it for weight loss. I am comfortable in my own skin. But watching these so called healthy foods impact – so dramatically – on his health started to make me squirm. I was also growing a human. I was sitting there pigging out – rubbing my belly – and had this new awareness dawning upon me.

The UP down UP down UP down cycle of my days/ nights/ life. Mapped out right in front of me with the explanation of sugar addiction. It had never actually occurred to me that the desire/ craving/ necessity for sugar was what caused my emotional turmoil and brain fog. I knew the addiction was there – I thought it was simply craving/ then feed it. Not that the sugar affects blood sugar levels that influence all different reactions in the body.

I thought brain haze was normal. I thought it was part of being an adult

My sugar addiction was in control of my emotionally messy self

In the cinema I was sitting in the very back row, right on the right hand stage. We were a little late – having traveled over an hour and a half to get there. I felt like the naughty kid sitting in the back row. By the time it was done, I KNEW I was the naughty kid. I was actually surrounded by a family of young children who were making better dietary choices than I was. *oh the shame* I remember asking Damon, quite honestly and meaning it fully – ‘Being 30 weeks pregnant, tell me, honestly, is the withdrawal going to kill me?’

Apparently the answer was no. Take a few minutes to watch the trailer.

Right – I will tell you about my attempts at kicking the sugar to the curb over a series of blog posts.

That’s enough for now. I need a sugar hit. I kid… I kid… do you know that the desire for sugar is often a sugar addicts body needing hydration. How about that…  you can no longer recognize the need for water. All you think about is that sugary heady rush. I am off for a tall, cool glass of H2O. (Oh Em Gee. I think I might be becoming one of ‘THEM’)

Love Ange


Stop Dreaming. Start Doing.

I have done something I never imagined I would do.

I make a habit of stepping out of my comfort zone – it is something I do quite often. But this… this is a BIG STEP.

I am learning to let go..

I am loosening up my control on my business – I have employed a Personal Assistant. I have decided that outsourcing some of the admin of my day to day – is going to free up my time. I can start moving forward again at a pace I am happy with.

I discovered that my desire to keep everything to myself, my need for control – was holding my business back. It did take me about a year to come to this conclusion. Letting my PA into my business is my way of letting go – I am letting some control go – I am letting myself take time – I am letting my business grow. That’s a whole lot of letting.

What is something that you need to let go? Are you waiting to start your own Scentsy Business? What is holding you back? Fear of Failure? Lack of Support?

Is it time for you to let go?

Give yourself permission to succeed and do something for you?


Would you like more information on what I do? Would you like to know how to be part of a social, fun team working environment?

Would you like me to send you an Information Pack and Samples?

Shoot me an email:

Have an awesome day,


Nothing Ventured, nothing gained

We have wanderlust… a desire to move, to shift, to change. We seek a place to call our home. 2015 is our final year to be like this.. we have a daughter due to start schooling next year. We want to find our little spot of the world. We want sun. Waves. Forests a plenty. Caves to explore. Reefs to swim. Cafes to frequent and bacon to devour. Surely this perfect location exists?


“You have brains in your head.

You have feet in your shoes.

You can steer yourself any direction you choose.

You’re on your own.

And you know what you know.

And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…”

Kudos to the great Dr. Seuss – Oh, the places you will go.   We live in rural Victoria, Australia. A pleasant and friendly community – about 3 hours from Melbourne. A town of cows, milk  and flies. A town I feel very at home in. Smiling happy faces – content people – an abundance of paddocks, tractors and pig dogs. This is someones dream community. But not ours.   The countdown is on for a shift – this time we move North. For the first time in our years together we have free feet. I a 31 years young, Damo is 35.. and we have retired ourselves from the rat race of conventional employment. We have done our years of alarm clocks, rosters and cranky bosses. We have left the safety of the police force to be our own people.

Was it scary? Absolutely. Was it a great decison? Definitely. I pretend I am a courageous person with no fears. But I am seriously a nervous, quakey and secretly stress person. Shhhh.

We are a Scentsy Family – we are Superstar Directors with this AHMAZING company. This scentsational business allows us to LIVE our life by our own design. What a blessing. Ahh. Happy positive love to that big old Thompson Family. x